Kotten – In Brief

Varje kotte är unik

Pine cones come in all shapes, sizes and colors, every single one is unique. Our pine cones have opened up and released all of their seeds, and thus fulfilled their primary purpose in nature.
What remains is a natural, sustainable fuel for effectively starting a fire safely and quickly, providing you with the satisfaction of a roaring fire or the perfect charcoal BBQ. Give your cone a spark and a lot of air and it will reward you with glowing fire and pleasurable heat.

Relax and Enjoy!

Our Story

Varje kotte är unik

It all started somewhere in northern Sweden when Robert Kraft was reading the tip of the week in a women´s magazine. This week´s tip was to remember to bring back pine cones from the next walk in the forest and turn them into fire starters by dipping them in melted candle wax.